Just Dance : towards an adaptation film video game cult ?

The famous dance game neon should experience the joys of the film adaptation. This is Will Gluck (Easy A with Emma Stone, Peter Rabbit) that could fulfill the feature film. Ubisoft Just Dance ! You have already sang the famous refrain of Lady Gaga ? You may be also reproduced his choreography, in front of your tv ? The adventure should continue now in the cinema. There is nothing to say yet if the public will be invited to dance at or on its headquarters, but it is still the case that the popular video game will know the joys of the adaptation on the big screen.

Landed in 2009 on the Wii, Just Dance has sought to ride the wave of these games to perform, type of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The brand is widely developed on other media, helped by the capture tools such as the Kinect (Microsoft) or playstation move. Since then, the game developed by Ubisoft can boast of being one of the most lucrative franchises in videogames, inviting millions of players to wiggle on the tubes are the most famous.

It is still too early to know what is going on exactly, nor who will be in front of or behind the camera. Will Gluck, already in production, could pick up the hat of a director. From Dirty Dancing to Flashdance through Save the Last Dance and Sexy Dance (but not Dancing with the wolves), the genre is a tradition in the United States. What a surprise, finally, that this adaptation is also late. Check out the characters of the two versions of Dirty Dancing : See the slide show slide show Dirty Dancing : the characters in the 1987 version and the one in 2017 13 photos

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